(2015) | Audiowork. Piece for a woman in high heels and Whispering Wall,
1:00 min. in loop. Title translation: frontier worker(s), border crosser(s).

Eight Whispering Wall units are evenly divided at eye-level across the four walls of a large room.

The room is being defined by both space and time (distance and duration) by a woman who is continuously walking around it in a circle.
It takes her exactly 60 seconds to walk around the room once.

The recordings were made in Berlin on the Große Bunkerberg, a 78 meters high hill in Volkspark Friedrichshain, also known as Mont Klamott.

There are no natural hills in Berlin. This is a Trümmerkippe, constructed on a huge WWII Flakbunker. This was one of the places where after the war debris of the destroyed city was piled up, forming this hill. Standing at the top you are at one of the highest points of the city, literally standing on its former remains.

When you listen to this work in the room, your ears are actually on Mont Klamott.

This piece was part of the Whispering Wall exposition at the Kultur Tage Buch 2015, Berlin.