(2015) | Audiowork. Piece in four scenes for a woman’s voice and Whispering Wall, 10:33 min. in loop. Title translation: disappointment, letdown, frustration.

At the Whispering Wall exposition during the Kultur Tage Buch 2015, this Whispering Wall was on the first floor of Haus 20 of the Ludwig Hoffmann Quartier in Berlin-Buch, in a room called Pension Olga, performing the audiowork Enttäuschung.

Enttäuschung is a combination of the four works Schön das du da bist, Männlein, Geh jetzt weg und Verbannen.

A woman’s voice comes from eight Whispering Wall units. She talks to the visiters, thinks out loud and sings a children’s song, with every next syllable coming out of another unit.

This piece was part of the Whispering Wall exposition at the Kultur Tage Buch 2015, Berlin.