Landscape IoT

(2020/24) Internet-of-things operating system.

Over the last years I worked with a team of programmers and technicians to develop an internet-of-things system. It turned out way more powerful than we had expected. It is now the core system enabeling Auditor and other projects, with more colaborations and (commissioned) work coming up.

LANDSCAPE is an internet-of-things service platform with a flexible modular setup providing extremely fast worldwide connectivity. The system is easy to install and expandable to your needs with a wide range of possibilities. You can collect all kinds of sensor information over WiFi or SIM and control appliances and machines, as well as audio, video or other media equipment, even MIDI. Data can be exchanged over API, and can be monitored, managed and presented through dashboards, apps or otherwise.

LANDSCAPE comes with secure cloud services and data storage. Your data remains yours at all times and can also be stored on your virtual or local servers. Optional features are worldwide digital payment, unique visual presentations of realtime data, direct controlling the settings of your equipment over the internet, and a wide array of experiential arrangements, connecting you and your customers in realtime to each other and to an exciting new world of opportunities.