(2017/23) | Global audio internet-of-things artwork

A bird is flying around the world. It flies from birdhouse to birdhouse. You cannot see it, but you can hear it when it flies into one of them, moves about, tweets, sings, and then flies away again to the next birdhouse.

These are no ordinary birdhouses, this is an internet-of-things work of art. All birdhouses are connected by WiFi to the internet. Disconnect yours and the virtual bird will visit all of the other connected birdhouses. Reconnect it and the bird will be visiting yours again.

There are 60 birdhouses all over the world, but there is only one bird. It flies from one birdhouse to another. You never know exactly when the bird will be around your particular birdhouse, but there is a website with an online map that shows you where all birdhouses are located and where the bird is at that particular time.

Because the birdhouses are connected to the internet, a lot of information is available to the bird, for instance about weather conditions. The bird can decide to fly to where it’s warm, or where there’s daylight.

There is no fixed flight order; the bird decides where it will fly to next. However, it is possible to attract the bird: by touching the stick of the birdhouse, you can try to get the bird’s attention in order to tempt it to visit you next.

See where all Birdhouses are and follow Bird’s flightpath on the: BIRD MAP

Owners of a Birdhouse can adjust their settings here: LOG IN

In 2018 a kickstarter campaign successfully funded the start of the project. Watch the Birdhouse video at Kickstarter