(2020/24) Internet-of-things audio installations
Meet Auditor: a small, intelligent, autonomous audio device, battery powered, which connects itself over the internet to other Auditor devices, computers, controllers, sensors, basically to anything with an electric pulse.

Currently there are 14 Auditor units, custom designed and hand built.

The Auditor project is in essence a follow-up of the Whispering Wall project: having learned a lot over the years from the Whispering Wall and Birdhouse projects and given technical advancements we redesigned and redeveloped the units and created a new IoT software system, LANDSCAPE.

Auditor enables me to make internet-of-things audio installations, create works, develop new projects, and turns out to be a contemporary musical instrument as well. Its technical possibilities and acoustic characteristics are amazing.

New work is coming up, and so are new collaborations and projects.

Albert Raven | Auditor

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